Even Management Testimonials

Hi Rhonda,

Just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic 2009 Opera on Kings. I was there with 8 adults + 3 kids and we had a most enjoyable evening. The event was a great credit to you and Roger Davy so please take a bow & our thanks for your hard work and dedication. I especially loved the second half of the program and the unexpected delights in the line up of songs. Very very entertaining. Congratulations and I hope you can continue to deliver this fine event in the future.

Best wishes

Leanne Layfield, Executive Officer

Dear Rhonda,

Congratulations on the wonderful "Opera On Kings" event on Saturday 12th April. The event was very professionally organised and as always. Judy and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Again Congratulations.

Yoirs sincerely,

Mark McArdle MP, Member for Caloundra

I would like to thank you sincerely for the wonderful evening you gave Judy and I recently. Opera on Kings continues to grow with each passing year. I have to say I believe this year’s performance was slightly better than last years, but both were excellent. Please be assured of my continued support in relation to this wonderful cultural event.

Yours sincerely,

MARK McARDLE MP, Member for Caloundra

To the event organiser of Opera on Kings,18 April: thank you very much for an amazing evening!

What a wonderful privilege to be able to experience an event like this here on the Sunshine Coast. Your selection of artists, music and of course the setting was fantastic and to be commended. My family and I will add this to our calendar and we hope you can continue with this venture for many more years!

Mara Wilsenach,